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Company At a Glance

Rossi Stamp is an Italian company that boasts more than half a century of activity in design, development and manufacture of Dies and Calibrators for the extrusion of profiled sections for all plastics.

In addition to traditional materials such as PVC, the company has experience in ABS, ASA, PA, PA6, PA66, PA66+GF, PC, PC+GF, PE, PET, PET+GF, POM, PMMA, PP, PP+Talc, PS, PUR, TPU, TPE, SAN, SEBS, EPDM, and other materials including WPC.

Rossi Stamp also concentrates on equipment for high production rate with excellent extruded profile quality, thanks to the exclusive use of the most modern Cad-Cam systems, high technology computerized machines and operators with advanced skills and experience.

The company produces equipment with single and multiple outlets for small as well as large sized profiles in the following areas of application: building industry, electrical sector, technical profiles, in-outdoor profiles, small profiles, pipes & gutters, panels, flexible elements.

It furthermore focuses on the production of Custom-made Machinery, special Automatic Machinery for the extrusion of technical profiles, Complete Extrusion Lines and Accessories for Extrusion and Co-extrusion of profiles with various materials, with metal inside, in the covering of copper and aluminum, and in profiles reinforced with long glass fibers (patented technology " FIBREPLAS ") and other composite materials.

In 2000 Rossi Stamp patented this new technology with Application no. 00964419.6-EP1220748. The process consists in the means of producing a continuously reinforced extruded profiles with the reinforcement located where required to give the desired properties. The process provides an efficient, cost-effective manufacturing solution for “self-stiffened” continuous profiles, giving improved properties: bending strength, lightness, material perfect cohesion, no thermal conduction, no corrosion, weldable, suitable to different constructive typologies. This technology provides results which may go up to a 500% increase in the flexural stiffness of the profiles, compared to conventional extrusions and a reduction in costs when compared to metallic or pultrusion.

Since 1996 the company, takes part in projects of the European Community for the development of new materials and innovative processes.


Mission Statement

Where ideas take shape.  

If you have an idea, we can make it a reality.

We develop and manufacture complex Extrusion Tools, Custom made Machinery, Complete Extrusion lines and special Automatic Machinery

Every project is as unique as the extrusion tool needed to develop it.

We employ qualified personnel to manufacture high-tech tools where absolute precision is needed.

We want our tools to give lasting advantages to our customers.


  • PARIS JEC 2009